Aug 282018
‘Last of the Summer Wine’ (5 Male & 2Female).
All roles require Yorkshire or Northern English accents, all ages are character ages.
Foggy (Walter C. Dewhurst). Tall Male 60’s.
A former soldier, with exaggerated stories. Generally meek & incompetent. Considers himself the leader of the trio.
Cleggy (Norman Clegg). Male 60’s (Shorter than Foggy).
A cynical, nervous man, easily led and apprehensive at the others schemes.
Compo (William Simmonite) Short Male 60’s.
A rascally ruffian, always broke and scruffy. He has a soft spot for Nora , who rejects his advances.
Nora Batty Female 60’s.
A Battle-axe, who also has a soft side. Is keen to see her Niece Constance settle down.
Constance Female 40’s.
A rather frumpy woman, niece of Nora Batty, has been engaged to Gifford Bewmont for 14 years.
Gifford Bewmont Male 40’s.
A hapless, incompetent Special Constable, self-important, who has been engaged to Constance for 14 years.
Flasher Male Over 20.
Fanatical young man, who is loose on the streets, with some innovative ideas about advertising.
 Audition date , Sunday 2h september  2 pm  at act 1 theatre Strathpine
season runs 2 -17 November  info 0408718351