Jan 222019


ARTHUR “THE FONZ” FONZARELLI – The King of Cool. Sexy, funny and loaded with charisma. Older than the other kids.

RICHIE CUNNINGHAM – High School student, Fonzie’s best friend. All-American, honest and reliable.

HOWARD CUNNINGHAM – Richie’s dad, the quintessential Midwestern head of household. A man in his 40’s who is also in the local order of Leopards.

CHARLES “CHACHI” ARCOLA – Fonzie’s cousin who tries to be just like him. Probably 15-16 .

PINKY TUSCADERO – Fonzie’s love interest, sexy, confident, tough and a body to die for.

MARION CUNNINGHAM – Richie’s mom, warm, naive and wise. She is in her 40’s.

JOANIE CUNNINGHAM – Richie’s younger sister, 15-16 years old, lovable, precocious.

LORI BETH ALLEN – Sweet, lovely, “girl next door” type. Richie’s girlfriend,  high school student.

RALPH MALPH – High school buddy of Richie’s. He’s the class clown.

WARREN “POTSIE” WEBBER – Richie’s high school buddy, not very cool but tries hard to be. PINKETTE LOLA – Backup singer/dancer for Pinky Tuscadero.

PINKETTE TINA – Backup singer/dancer for Pinky Tuscadero.

BULLY/ENSEMBLE – Big tough guy.

LEOPARD MANNY MOON/ENSEMBLE – Leopard Lodge brother and principal of the high school.

MYRON “COUNT” MALACHI/ENSEMBLE – One-half of the Malachi Brothers, Fonzie’s nemesis, greaser type, overly dramatic, in his 20’s. As Count, he does show fancy wrestling moves.

ELVIS/ENSEMBLE – Elvis Presley, circa late 50’s.

LEOPARD MAC GATES/ENSEMBLE – Howard’s Leopard Lodge brother.

JUMPY MALACHI/ENSEMBLE – Other one-half of the Malachi Brothers, filled with nervous energy, greaser type, in his 20’s. As Jumpy, he does show fancy wrestling moves.

JAMES DEAN/ENSEMBLE – The 1950’s movie icon.

ARNOLD DELVECCHIO/ENSEMBLE – A man in his 50’s, owner of Arnold’ Malt Shop, member of the Leopard Lodge.

ENSEMBLE BOYS – Dancers/singers to plays teenagers, rebels, etc.

ENSEMBLE MEN – Dancers/singers to play adult men and parents.

NERD GIRL – Nerd daughter of Principal Moon.

ENSEMBLE GIRLS/LADIES – Dancers/singers to play teenagers as well as Car Hop and Calendar Girls

CAR HOP GIRLS – Young ladies who can (maybe) dance on roller skates.

CALENDAR GIRLS – Ladies who can act sexy.

ENSEMBLE WOMEN – Dancers/singers to play adult women and partners.

Preparation:  A song of your choice (not from this show). Please bring sheet music or your own                                     backing track. Be prepared for a cold read.

Date:              Sunday February 10

Time:              (Appointments are essential.)

Morning Sessions 10 to11, 11 to 12            Afternoon Sessions 1 to 2, 2 to 3

Place:                         The Play Shed

The Play Shed is next to the car park behind Merthyr Road Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Rd New Farm. Access is via the path next to the church or via Amity Street

Season:          May 10th to June 1st

   Rehearsals will be held on two evenings & on Sundays until production week.

To register interest please contact Brenda by text 0412 029 085 or e-mail nashtheatre4@bigpond.com stating your name & contact details including a mobile phone number & which session you wish to attend.