About Us


What is Just Auditions?

Just Auditions was founded in 2012 by Craig Ross and Dawn Ridsdale as a philanthropic way of consolidating community/independent theatre auditions into one place.  You all contribute to community/independent theatre for the love of it.  This is our contribution. The idea for Just Auditions was sparked by one simple question. I introduced Craig to the community theatre world in 2012 (couldn’t believe he hadn’t been to community theatre before, in over 40 years).  As we were leaving he asked ‘how do you find out when auditions and shows are on?’ My reply was ‘Well, on an individual companies site if you know of them, or a bit on this site and a bit on that site, word of mouth.’  Nothing covered a majority of auditions.  So we made that our aim.  To ensure that thespians knew of auditions coming up and theatre companies could cast every show. Now with over 10,000 followers through the facebook pages alone in 3 years, you can keep up to date with what’s happening in the theatre world all around the country.  The east coast is still building and Just Auditions will then extend into the west in the future.

How do I post an audition?

All posts are sent to me via the webform on the website.  This provides me with the basic requirements. The more information you provide the more interest your post will receive.  So make sure you include a full synopsis, characters, audition dates, season dates, suburb, etc. This will entice potential auditionees to read on.  Ensure that yours is not that brief post with just a link that everyone glosses over.  In fact these submissions will not be posted.

But how do I put it on social media? Why can’t I post it directly to your facebook page Just Auditions?

Because I do that for you. All posts sent via the webform are syndicated to Twitter, Google + and the facebook page for your state. This ensures the quality of the posts and upholds the credibility of Just Auditions. All posts can be commented on, liked, shared and tagged, Please note that there are separate facebook pages for each state.  As Vic was the first state this is the justauditions page, (can’t be edited to Vic) all others have the state after the name. That way you can be notified of auditions for your state only.  How handy! But you need to like/comment and share posts for them to circulate in webland.  So go for your life.  The more of this the further your post will reach.

Does posting an audition cost me?  How do you make money?

This is a common question that I am asked.  As Just Auditions is a free site for community/independent theatre these auditions are free of charge.  My contribution to you.  You are welcome.  You can pay for boosted posts if you require further exposure. This is an option to keep in mind if you can’t cast that certain vital role or production team member. For profit theatre companies (that is a registered company/partnership that is not ‘not-for-profit) are charged a small fee for posting auditions.  If you are not sure if you fit into this category drop me an email dawn@justauditions.com for a chat and quote. Agencies, workshops and courses can also post side banner adverts and on the agencies tab, at a price.  These are boosted on facebook and syndicated to other social media just like other posts, but reach a larger audience right in your perfect demographic.  Contact me for further details.

But what can I do to build awareness of Australia’s theatre?

We are a theatre community, not just individual theatre companies struggling on their own. We all want to have plenty of auditionees at our auditions to choose that perfect person for the role.  There is nothing more frustrating as a director than having to scrounge for performers to fill your cast.  I know, I’ve been there. Well the more word spreads about Australia’s number one theatre auditions website justauditions.com the more people see your audition post.  So like, share and tag friends in the posts.  Tell your members and friends about this great site.  Together we can bring theatre to the masses.


I have almost 400 theatre companies on my books.  I can remind some when your audition is coming up and that I am here to help with your audition marketing, but I can’t keep up with all companies.  I have two paid jobs as well as running Just Auditions.  So help me to help you and forward audition info on the webform for easy posting and sharing.

All the best for your auditions and productions.

Glad to be here servicing your needs. Drop me an email or private facebook post with any feedback or suggestions for the site.

Chookas and Regards


Dawn Ridsdale Founder & Editor